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 Multicolor Unique Orange

rare orange

Doesn't this orange resemble the Indian flag? Saffron, white and green color. I saw this unique specimen near my house. Can you guess why this particular orange has 3 colors? It is so because this orange is infected by moss and fungus at the same time. The green one is moss and the white one is fungus. Strangely enough, there is some saffron part still left on top, unaffected by both moss and fungus. This is truly a nature of wonder. See the almost exact lines which the moss and fungus have made, as if marking their boundaries. Perhaps, one of my botanical friends can explain the cause for this rare phenomena.

Baby Brinjal

tiny brinjal

This is a cute pic of a little baby brinjal or eggplant. The top stem part of this baby brinjal is almost as big as the vegetable itself! I really like the smaller versions of fruits, vegetables, etc. I am sure many of you would also be liking baby corn, baby turnips, baby carrots etc. Reminds me of cute kittens!!!

Shiny Apple

small shiny apple

This is an apple which I continuously rubbed with a cotton cloth to make it shiny. Doesn't it look awesome? Seems like a big shiny ruby, which you can eat also!!!

Hill Top View of Haridwar

exotic indian places

This is a hill top view of Haridwar, which is a sacred place for Hindus. In this pic you can find a river, a bridge, a mountain road and many more things. Depends on what you are looking for! The river which you can see in the pic is very holy for Hindus and when a Hindu dies then his last body remains are always dropped in this river. It is said that doing this helps the deceased's soul Rest In Peace. 

Purple Sun

different color sun

This is a picture of a massive Sun shining over the Ganges (Ganga) river. This pic is of evening time. If you look closely you will even find a purple ring outside the Sun. I feel so calm after looking at the Sun in this pic!

Rainy Season

picture of rain

Just a picture of rain in our neighborhood. Rain is always refreshing to watch and feel, especially in a hot country like India.

Dog in Motion

dog runs from camera

Hmm, even I don't  know what this pic is doing here. I was just trying to take a pic of a running dog. Finally got this.

Trees or Electric Poles

strange trees

Trees in a park around my house. These trees don't have any leaves, even though other trees and plants have. Also these trees look like old electric poles. Don't you agree?

Cute Kitten in my House

Best kitten image on internet

This is the first time I saw a kitten, and that too in my house. We don't have many cats here. Although this kitten is still big, like teen. But it was damn cute. Strange thing is that he wasn't afraid of us at all. He was playing with us!! Climbing on our beds, running behind us. I have never seen any stray cat behave like this. They are usually very afraid of humans, and prefer to run away from them. And that 'meow meow' sound was like music to my ears. Now I understand why people are so mad about cute kittens!

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